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*Final* Schedule for Friday and Saturday
all at The Brown-Holt Theatre


Tech/Dress Rehearsal Schedule


Friday, May 26th - Rehearsals

3:00-3:15pm Little Movers PK-3

3:15-3:30pm Little Movers PK-4

3:30-3:45pm Primary A Ballet

3:45-4:00pm Primary B Ballet

4:00-4:15pm Primary A Tap

4:15-4:30pm Primary B Tap

4:30-4:45pm Minis Team

4:45-5:15pm Break

5:15-5:30pm Secondary Ballet

5:30-5:45pm Tertiary Ballet

5:45-6:00pm Secondary Tap

6:00-6:15pm Tertiary Tap

6:15-6:30pm Secondary Jazz

6:30-6:45pm Tertiary Jazz

6:45-7:00pm Musical Theatre 2/3 & 3

7:00-7:15pm Mini Moves Hip Hop

7:15-7:30pm Level 1 Hip Hop

7:30-7:45pm Musical Theatre 1

7:45-8:00pm Level 1 Jazz

8:00-8:15pm Beginner/Int Tap

8:15-8:30pm Level 1 Ballet

8:30-8:45pm Level 1 Contemporary

Saturday, May 27th - Rehearsals

10:45-11:00pm Level 1B Hip Hop

11:00 -11:15pm Level 1B Contemporary

11:15-11:30pm Level 1B Jazz

11:30-11:45pm Level 1B Ballet

11:45-12:00pm Intermediate Tap

12:00-12:15pm Level 2/3 Ballet

12:15-12:30pm Level 2/3 Contempo

12:30-12:45pm Level 2/3 Jazz

12:45-1:00pm Level 2/3 Hip Hop (Level 4 Hip Hop be present at this time)

1:00-1:15pm Quick Break

1:15-1:30pm Level 4 Hip Hop

1:30-1:45pm Level 4 Ballet

1:45-2:00pm Level 4 Contempo

2:00-2:15pm Level 4 Jazz

2:15-2:30pm Advanced Tap

2:30-2:45pm Acro

2:45-3:00 Graduating Seniors



Saturday, May 27th - Performance Call Times

4:00 Arrival of Act 1 Dancers

4:30 Start of Show 1 (about 1.5 hrs)

5:45 Arrival of Act 2 Dancers not in Act 1 (20 min intermission for those in both acts)

6:20 Start of Show 2 (about 1.5 hrs)

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