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Company Teams


What is the Company Teams Program?

The Company Teams Program is a training program offered to students with a passion for dance, a love of performing, and an interest in becoming the best dancer they can be. Students in the program grow in strength, technique, and performance ability with increased exposure through the competitive circuit and/or community events. Members of this program train to push themselves to their personal best and often have goals to audition for school dance programs or continue dancing after high school, whether in college or professionally. Members also benefit from being part of a team, learning how to work as a team to achieve collective goals. With an emphasis on technique and performing, the students will get additional performance opportunities and the ability to learn from some of the industry’s top teachers and choreographers on the convention circuit. These opportunities help gear these students up for casting in stage productions, dance teams, companies, the commercial industry, etc. Team members learn teamwork, commitment, disciple, dedication, and work ethic all while having fun and making friendships that last a lifetime.


Our competition team has two programs under the competitive umbrella, The Elite Team (a more advanced program for competitive students wanting more) and The Apprentice Team (for students who want to perform and get a taste of the competition world, with a little less commitment) We also have the Rising Stars Squad, a program for Parade and Community performances only.

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