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About Us


At RAVE, we provide education in the performing arts for children and adults alike in a fun, positive, encouraging and constructive environment. We believe that education in the arts can help people in several aspects of their lives, whether with coping with difficulties or helping them break out of their shell. The performing arts expand the mind and strengthen the body, leading to hard work, discipline, social skills, and ultimately success whether on the dance floor or in whichever career chosen.


RAVE offers both dance and theatre courses, so students can learn singing, dancing, and acting, to "become the one they rave about." We provide weekly classes for ages 3 and up, as well as frequent guest workshops and intensives. We strive to bring quality courses in dance and theatre by a faculty of industry professionals who share their knowledge and experiences in the field with their students. Our faculty have trained in dance in college, hold certifications, and continue to train and perform all over the state, the country and even internationally. Our philosophy is to not only to teach steps but to teach the history and techniques of each genre, so our students gain a full understanding of their chosen area of study. We take pride in our emphasis on teaching the fundamentals with positivity and encouragement, helping each student to succeed at their own rate with individualized attention. We also do our best to keep all music, costuming, and choreography age appropriates so the kids can remain kids as long as they can. Our studio's educational standards are based on Dance Masters of America's curriculum for codified dance study, with our ballet program being based predominately in the Cecchetti and Vaganova methods.

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  • Age Appropriate Costumes, Choreography, Music

  • Technique Training with Education in History and Fundamentals

  • The only studio in Central that offers ballet & pointe

  • One of the best tap dance programs in all of Greater Baton Rouge

  • Dance Masters of America Certified

  • Teachers with impressive bios

  • Injury Prevention Methods of Stretch & Strength

  • Award-Winning Choreography

  • Theatre Program

  • Short Recitals, that keep parents in the audience instead of backstage, so you can enjoy the show!

What We Are Known For
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