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Payment Policies

  1. Before a student's 1st class, registration + 1st month's tuition are due.

  2. Each monthly payment is due before the 1st of each month. Late payments will incur a 10% late fee each week it is late until a payment is submitted. NSF checks incur a $30 service fee.

  3. Guest workshop payments are due the day of attendance and will vary depending on the instructor.

  4. RAVE will not issue refunds for any reason. If a student has missed a class for illness or personal matters, she/he may request a makeup class. Please speak with the student's instructor to arrange a makeup class. Makeup classes will only be allotted for excused absences and if the schedule/instructor has an open slot to work with.


Studio Policies

  1. Only RAVE students and staff are allowed beyond the lobby and into the studio space.

  2. Parents and students are to remain quiet and respectful in the lobby or outside. Our waiting area is small, so we request waiting outside if possible. The instructor and students can hear discussions in the lobby. RAVE staff reserves the right to ask any disruptive individuals to exit the lobby.

  3. If the desk attendant is away, we ask anyone needing to speak with a staff member to wait patiently in the lobby. Someone will speak with you at their earliest availability. We ask individuals not to interrupt an instructor or student during class.

  4. If a student has missed several classes for unexcused reasons, their instructor reserves the right to remove them from any performance pieces they are involved in. (Homework will not be considered an excused absence, as a student is responsible for completing their school work before or after class.) Students who miss important class material are expected to make up what they have missed by seeking help from a teacher or fellow classmate.

  5. Parents/guardians should notify RAVE faculty if a student will be tardy or absent from a class. We ask that the parent or guardian notify at least 30 minutes prior to class time by phone or e-mail if possible, so the student's instructor can plan accordingly. Contact information will be issued prior to the first class.

  6. Our schedule at RAVE may be subject to adjustments or changes. Notice of any adjustments or changes will be given as soon as possible so families can plan accordingly.

  7. No gum or food of any kind will be permitted in the studio space. Any student staying past 3 hrs in the studio at a time may have a mess-free, allergen conscious snack in the lobby or outside. No drink other than water is permitted for students.

  8. We request parents/guardians/students to make their instructors aware of any and all health concerns that could be of issue in class: such as injuries, allergies, and medical disabilities.

  9. We request students to bring their own water to class as there is no fountain at the studio

  10. Students are expected to use the restroom before coming to class as bathroom usage during class is an interruption

  11. Students will not be permitted to check their phone during class. If there is a family emergency, please contact the studio or the instructor.

  12. Our studio's mission is to create a quality educational training center for the arts.  If a student is disruptive in class, or does not follow the rules or dress code, an instructor reserves the right to take disciplinary action or ask the student to sit out/leave class as disruptions and lack of respect for our faculty and our studio create a negative learning environment for the rest of the student body.

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