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Dress Code

  1. Students must come to class in appropriate attire for the class in session.

  2. Hair should be pulled back and secured away from the face for every class.

  3. For all ballet classes, students must be in a leotard and pink tights (ballet skirts optional.) No additional garments will be prohibited.

  4. For all other courses, students must be in fitted clothes. Loose-fitting clothes will only be allowed in hip-hop, tap, and theatre courses.

  5. All clothing must be breathable and moveable in. Items such as jeans, or t-shirts are not appropriate dance attire. Fitness attire is best for performing arts classes (such as leotards, fitted tanks, leggings, and dance shorts)

  6. Each student should also be prepared with proper shoes. Proper shoes must be worn for all classes. If you are unsure about what a student should have for class, please review the dress code guide or consult with a staff/faculty member.

  7. A dance shoe may look the same but doesn't function the same. Please consult with a staff/faculty member in regards to the best brands and models for shoes, especially tap and pointe. Fittings may be scheduled with a faculty member.

  8. Students may be told by an instructor to sit out if they do not come prepared for class.

  9. Click the button for a more detailed dress code per level

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