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Rising Stars Squad

The Rising Stars Squad

Our final changeup we are making this year is introducing The Rising Stars Squad. This group of dancers can be any dancer who dances at RAVE, with no need to audition.

  • There are no required courses to take to be eligible. The only requirements are the student must have a good attendance record to the classes they are enrolled in and must attend all rehearsals for parades and events. They must have a positive attitude and have a strong work ethic, and must be able to pick up choreography well.

  • The Rising Stars Squad will perform in 1-3 parades a year, with the possibility of added community outreach events. We always do the Central Christmas Parade, will be doing the Downtown Halloween Parade when it returns (this one is optional, students who do not do Halloween are not expected to participate) and we are looking to potentially add a Mardi Gras parade to the list as well. Students wanting to be a part of the Rising Stars Squad do not have to attend company auditions to be selected but are welcome to come for the experience and are encouraged to continue their training in the summer. Rising Stars may also get the opportunity to perform at community events as they become available.


Parents interested in their dancer being a part of this new team, simply e-mail to let us know your dancer wants to be a part of the Rising Stars. Dancers anywhere between ages 6-17 are encouraged to join.

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