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History & Legacy

The Center of Performing Arts (COPA)

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful studio located in the corner spot of the strip center where RAVE is currently located. This studio was popularly know as "COPA" or more formally, The Center of Performing Arts. It's founder, Jeanne Bonaventure, established over the years a popular studio with technique at its roots and entertaining productions that are still recalled by the dancers they touched. Many dancers twirled their way through it's doors for many years, until one day, "Miss" Jeanne announced she was moving away and closing the COPA doors.

....Well, a former student turned teacher at COPA, embarked on a mission to create a new home for the dance families she grew to know and love during her time at the studio -

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That teacher was Stephanie Faucette. She joined forces with a dance colleague and friend of hers Micaela Coner and opened The Coda, just a couple of doors down from the old COPA space. Bringing along her dear friend, another trusted teacher from COPA "Miss" Kendall Keating, these women created a wonderful studio known for quality education and ballet technique. The Coda had a great run, opening a second location in Central, and establishing a reputation for quality classes. Until one day, after 4 years operating, exciting new ventures called both owners away, and a tough decision had to be made.

...Fortunately for The Coda families, a teacher who was with The Coda from the first year felt the call to open a new studio, and she quickly jumped into gear to claim the lease, and keep the doors open.


That teacher was "Miss" Rachel Vierck (now Rachel Amie), who put her initials together to create the new name of RAVE Performing Arts Company. With Miss Kendall along for the journey, she set off on her mission to continue to bring quality ballet technique and dance education to the Central area, continuing the legacy before her, while also integrating musical theatre training. Now, going on our 9th year open, RAVE hopes all of its families feel the same warmth and welcome as the day the doors opened.

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