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Mrs. Rachel's Getting Ready for Maternity Leave

Well, the time has come. I, Rachel, Owner and Director of RAVE, am breaking my usual 3rd person phrasing and speaking directly to y’all no formality. This graduate of the Manship School rarely does that so y’all probably already have an idea of where this is going, especially if you’ve watched me grow the past 9 months 😊 YEP, you read that right. I’ve made it to my 9th month of pregnancy, meaning our new little, tiny dancer can make her debut at any time from here on out. Thus, I want to make sure everything is in a good place before I take my maternity leave, and that all RAVE Families feel informed, up to date on information, and everything runs smoothly. I’ve been working hard for months on strategic planning to make sure the studio operates without a hitch while I’m away. Especially considering it’s our craziest time of year here at RAVE (I know, great timing.) Silver lining, I’m going to be back before the Revue to make sure everything and everyone is performance ready. In the meantime, Here is hopefully all of the answers to your questions about my leave.

  1. My classes have teachers I totally trust taking over in my absence. Most of my classes, in fact, have had said teacher assisting me for a while now so they know the kids already and are prepared to not only teach quality classes but have all of the music and videos of the choreography to get the dancers stage ready. The Revue dances for my classes are finished, so when I am out, my subs will be just cleaning dances and working on their technique.

  2. I have delegated faculty and staff to oversee the administrative side of things while I’m away, so we don’t miss a beat and the studio continues to operate smoothly.

  3. Who’s your go to for what?

  • My mother, Barbara Vierck, will be assisting me in overseeing your Jackrabbit accounts and processing the monthly billing and auto drafts. She is also in charge of getting a lot of the Revue prep done and making sure all costumes have been passed out and are ready. She was our Jackrabbit manager our first couple of years open, and has helped me with costumes every year, so she’s got this. If you have questions about your accounts, still email me at and if I cannot respond in a timely manner, I will forward to either my mom or our office attendants Mrs. Donna and Alaura to assist you.

  • One of our long-time teachers here, Mrs. Chelsea, has assisted me with Revue planning for years now, and is the stage manager for our show. We have been working together in planning the Revue performance, so she is the most informed on Revue related information. She will be handling all of your program ad forms and can answer most questions for you in regards to the spring Revue

    4. For all questions and inquiries, what do you do?

  • We are going to make sure our website is up to date with all the Revue information, important dates, newsletters, and info on our summer and fall schedules, so if you have a question about any of that stuff, please check the website first.

  • If you cannot find your answer on the website, please still e-mail me at I will do my best to check e-mails as much as I can while on maternity leave. There may be some delay in response, but I or another member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Those who message via Facebook page or the website, those also come directly to me and will be handled the same way as e-mail.

  • If you need immediate assistance, you can call the studio during office hours Monday-Thursday 5:00pm-7:30pm. If you send a message or e-mail that seems urgent, I will forward to one of the staff members who will be at the studio that day who can help you.

My husband and I cannot wait to share with everyone the news of our little girl's arrival! I will miss my dancers so much while I'm out, and will be looking forward to dancing with them again before the Revue. As of now I plan to be back 1-2 weeks before the Revue performance.


Rachel Vierck-Amie


RAVE Performing Arts Company

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