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Kendall Keating-Hardy


Kendall Keating has become one of the most well-established dance instructors in Central for over a decade, having started teaching at the Center of Performing Arts (COPA), then transitioned into The Coda and now RAVE. Kendall began her dance training in Central at BREC in 1998 and then moved over to the Center of Performing Arts where she experienced most of her training under Jeanne Bonaventure. She competed with the COPA dance troupe for 8 years having won numerous awards. Mrs. Kendall was also a proud member of the Central High School Kittens for 3 years, and she has choreographed for Central High School Musical Theater Productions as well. Mrs. Kendall continued her dance education at Louisiana State University while completing her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and eventually a Master’s in Business Administration. She taught dance for the after-school program at St. James' Episcopal School, as well as through Louisiana's premiere modern company Of Moving Colors Productions "Kick It Out" program. She is also a founding member and performer with Dance Collective Baton Rouge. By day, Mrs. Kendall works at La Printaniere Montessori School as an assistant teacher in the Primary Program. In her free time, she enjoys eating, reading, and impromptu dance parties with her 4-year-old son, Dean and 2-year-old daughter, Margot. Mrs. Kendall has been a part of RAVE since the beginning. After taking a brief hiatus, she is back this season to share her sparkle with us.


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