COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines and Protocol for

a safe Return to Dance

Here is how RAVE is doing our part to flatten the curve
and keep our RAVE families dancing safely

To follow proper health and safety measures here’s is how RAVE will maintain proper precautions

  1.  All students will first check-in through the main entrance of Studio B

  2. Everyone 8 years and older entering the studio is required to wear a face covering, students may remove the face mask if they wish at the start of class, all faculty and staff are required to leave their face coverings on

  3. Upon entry, everyone will have their temperature taken by a forehead scanning thermometer

  4. Upon entry, everyone must disinfect their hands at the door. We have a touchless sanitizing dispenser at the door

  5. We will be designating new zones for students to keep their things during class, that is separate from each other so there is no cross-contaminating

  6. Students who show any symptoms or have been exposed to anyone showing symptoms are asked to stay home, live streaming is available for anyone wanting virtual learning or needing to quarantine

  7. We will be designating separate dance zones on the dance floor for each student to remain 6 feet apart

  8. All our faculty and staff will also undergo the same prequalifying measures to be inside the studio

  9. Everyone who leaves will also have to disinfect upon leaving the dance space

  10. Parents/Guardians and siblings are asked to wait for students in their vehicles. Anyone who needs to enter the lobby must wear a mask and disinfect at the door to enter.

  11. We will be cleaning the studio in between classes and after classes to our best ability to ensure our space remains as clean as possible

  12.  By attending you are agreeing to comply with our health guidelines and also agreeing to a waiver that if any illness by chance does arrive despite the precautions taken, RAVE Performing Arts Company LLC. cannot be held liable


Phase 3 Adjustments

  1. Once we officially enter Phase 3, we will still encourage everyone 8 years old and up to wear a face-covering while entering and exiting to continue to flatten the curve. We will continue to require our faculty to wear face coverings until the CDC no longer deems them necessary to flatten the curve

  2. We will no longer be doing temperature checks at the studio. We expect parents to check their child's temperatures at home before sending them to class. We will still check faculty and staff temperatures

If a student becomes ill and the studio has been exposed

  1. We ask all parents to notify us IMMEDIATELY if they believe their child has come in contact with the virus. Please e-mail or message us through Facebook or this website as that is the quickest way to get in touch with us.

  2. If exposure occurred at the studio, we will notify the families of the class exposed, and those who were in the studio at the time or after that class

  3. We will undergo thorough cleaning of the studio and set the student(s) up with live streaming ability while in quarantine

  4. Students who become sick are asked to stay home and quarantine for the 2-3 weeks specified by the CDC requirements and may return to dance once proven negative


It is our top priority at RAVE Performing Arts Company to follow CDC Guidelines and keep our RAVE Families safe and healthy